This code of ethics is not meant to be exhaustive or complete but is a reflection of a brainstorming session we have had and thoughts and comments written down by students. Not all possible ethical dilemmas can be covered by this initial code of ethics, but it is a start.

Authors are committed to the values of accuracy, honesty, transparency and compassion.

When a video or picture could reasonably be considered to be offensive to some, we will provide a disclaimer when linking to the offensive content.

We will follow copyright laws and always give credit to pictures taken from elsewhere.

We will not re-use photos on which we don’t own the copyright unless we have the permission to do so.

We will use pictures and videos to illustrate, not to shame or ridicule.

When we are taking our own pictures, they should be taken in a public space where people are not specifically identified. Any photos taken in a more private setting should receive consent of those identified before the picture can be posted.

Also, in the event that we alter a photo in any way, a description of what we changed should be posted.

We will tag content that we think might be offensive to some.

We will to the best of our ability try to assess the reliability of information before posting it or providing links to it.

If we feel certain content may not be appropriate for publication we will discuss its publication with the other authors of this blog before posting it. If we decide to indeed publish the content we will explain our rationale to our readers.

Blog posts are not edited by the instructor or anyone else before they are posted. If we make a mistake, we will fix it. If the fix merely consists of editing for grammar and style or to clarify a point, the editing will not be visible to the readers. If the correction is because a factual error was made by the author, the editing will be done in a way that makes it clear that the original text has been edited. (strike out)

We will cite our sources.

We will clearly distinguish fact from opinion in our writing.

We will carefully proofread.

We will be each others’ editors.

We will keep our blog up to date.


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