This blog is part of Professor Bastiaan Vanacker’s Digital Media Ethics course taught at the School of Communication at Loyola University Chicago Spring 2010. The instructor and the sixteen students are responsible for the content of this blog. Students are required to post one blog entry every two weeks and to read and comment on each others’ comments. Other visitors to this blog are welcome and encouraged to comment on the various blog postings. This blog is a forum for honest debate and each one is responsible for one’s posts and one’s comments. Comments and posts are not endorsed by anyone else but their authors.

Students are graded for their blog contributions. Grading criteria are communicated to the students but refer to the frequency, relevance, and structure of blog postings, not to their specific content, which is entirely up to the students and is not a representative of the position and opinions of Loyola University. The only content restriction is that posts have to be related to digital media ethics and or law. Each contributor is responsible for his or her content only.

Students were given the liberty to use an alias or pseudonym when writing or commenting. Even though we recognize that accountability is an important value, some students voiced concern about being forced to publicly post something under their own name on the Internet as a condition to receive a good grade in this class. In an educational context this is a valid concern. However, all contributors are members of this class and all contributors commit to maintain high ethical standards when contributing to this blog. Any comments or concerns can be left in the comments section or emailed directly to the instructor at:


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