“I’ll Be Back”.

Who would have thought Arnold Schwarzenegger would be the biggest advocate for video game regulation? The debate continues over free speech versus violence within video games in the Supreme Court.

Apparently, this is nothing new for Schwarzenegger, California Governor, who has been pushing for stronger regulation in the video game industry since 2005, when he signed a law for the ban of sales of violent video games to minors. However, the law did not uphold in court because the judge claimed there was no factual evidence that supported there was a connection between video game violence and psychological effects in minors.

The Supreme Court is hearing the court based on the high court’s recent vote to implement a law banning any game with animal cruelty. Both cases are similar circumstances that pertain to the necessity for a clearer definition of violence within the First Amendment.


2 thoughts on ““I’ll Be Back”.

  1. One of the most annoying things is when older generations say that violence in video games leads to violence in real life. Sure there are incidents like Columbine were the students mention the playing of a game called DOOM giving them ideas. But incidents like those are such a rarity. Games already have ratings like “everyone” and “mature 17+” labeled on their packaging. To take away complete genres of games I feel is a violation of first amendment rights. I feel what it really comes down to is whether or not a parent wants to monitor their child’s play. Games have their warnings on them and it is the duty of the child (to be mature) and also the duty of the parent to know what their child is doing.

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