Beacon is Back. Sort of.

Instant personalization, your new online overlords call it. Sounds much more friendly now, doesn’t it? The “Like” function now appear on other websites, such as IMDB and Yelp! So, when you “Like” a movie on IMDB or a restaurant on Yelp! it automatically shows up in your favorites. Whatever the exact workings are, it’s a powerful marketing tool, and there’s no debate that it “could” be used for such, but it’s what it was made to do.

Some writers have posited that Facebook is trying to establish itself as the center of the internet such that all other websites become tributaries to the river that is Facebook This new “open graph” basically allows Facebook to own information on you and what you like. But the cool thing that comes out of it is that this new tech can actually differentiate between objects and persons, apparently. And, granted, you can “opt-out” of it (Americans…).

What are your thoughts on this? Is this just another power play Facebook is making at owning you and your internet experience, or is it a legitimate and ingenious business model that in no way infringes upon your rights?


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