Tweet for Tracks

This is not a shameless plug (there’s shame involved, I swear).  I absolutely LOVE CASH Music.  About 95% of the music I listen to regularly is free on this Web site (about 95% of the music I listen to is made by the creator of this Web site named Kristin Hersh).

Anyway, they came up with this awesome business model– you promote us, we’ll give you free music.  If you Tweet or update your Facebook status about a song– you get it for free.  Promotion and free music.  You get what you want, and they get what they want. I think they may be onto something, I really do.  It’s like a barter system.  But online.

For the full article from Wired: Tweet for Tracks

After hearing about CASH Music’s new web apps, which allow artists or labels to give a free song to anyone who tweets or posts a Facebook update about their music, we’re wondering why nobody thought of this before. Artists are constantly encouraging their fans to spread the word about them; all that was missing was a way to make sure they were doing so, and CASH Music has solved that problem.

What do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “Tweet for Tracks

  1. I think this is a brilliant business model. We talked about it in class briefly but this is the perfect incentive to promote your favorite bands and artists. Not only does it give the consumer what they want (free music) it gives the bands/artists exactly what they want (free publicity). And what’s even more satisfying to me is that it’s all legal. I’ve commented before that illegal downloading just isn’t something I agree with, and this seems to be the perfect fix for my draining funds on iTunes. I like this!

  2. This definitely seems on the right track to a new, successful way of dealing with online downloading. It seems like almost everyone is on facebook or twitter and with so many bands on these networks, it makes it easy for someone to just link to their page. You get your music and they get fans or at least publicity, which is an argument always made when talking about illegal downloading. Most bands just want to expand their reach and have their name known. Definitely a win- win situation.

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