Star Wars Kid

So I know this is a few years old now but after looking at the graphic images from the Nuremberg files about abortion I needed a pick me up. Anyways this is a video which most of you have probably seen called star wars kid.

This high school boy filed a lawsuit against fellow classmates that posted the video on the web because it led to constant harassment from fellow students and by the public. There have even been updated videos with music and highlighting of the golf ball snatcher to look like a light saber.

This video was the first time I ever really thought about how someones privacy can be obstructed via internet when this video first came out. Star wars kid became such an internet sensation that it was on vh1, G4, and even Family Guy.

I do feel bad for the boy because his family said that it will forever have a lasting effect on his life. I wonder at what point there will be written laws specific to internet or if there ever will be.


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