Looks like I’m going to jail and there will be nothing left on my computer.

Since we have been talking about copyright and intellectual property thorughout the semester, and the fact that I have spilled my guts to you guys about disregarding the law as we know it, I thought this was pretty interesting. According to Gizmodo, a technology blog, the MPAA and RIAA have submitted documents to the Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement for a plan to put spyware on everybody’s computers to retrieve infringing material.

A submission on Slashdot says, “The joint comment filed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) requests anti-infringement software on all home computers, pervasive copyright filtering, border searches, forced US intellectual property policies on foreign nations and a joint departmental agency to combat infringement during major releases.”

I find this to be very extreme. These businesses are attempting to have Congress compromise our Constitutional Rights. What about free speech? What about right to privacy? I think (and pray) that the government has better things to do than play music/movie cops. Also, shouldn’t the MPAA and RIAA consider repricing their products at a more reasonable rate or rethink their business models because their products are so easily transferrable with digital technologies?


4 thoughts on “Looks like I’m going to jail and there will be nothing left on my computer.

  1. I feel the same way as you and understand your concerns about these stricter rules. It feels a bit like “big Brother is watching you”. Watching us closer and making everyone feel like a criminal is not going to help or solve the situation over night. I do agree that it is wrong for companies to expect people to surrender their constitutional rights just so they can make the big bucks on their goods. I agree that prices on movies and music should go down, but I don’t think this will just end stealing. There will always be people that feel that a cd or movie is just a little too expensive. This issue of watching and surveillance is bigger then you or me and an issue that will not be solved in the near future.

  2. I agree with Lizzy that the protection of copyright material is important and yes, these corporations should address the issue… but yikes, what a creepy way to do it!

    This program is good in theory (for its purpose), but I have faith that there would be ways around it in a matter of hours after it hits the market.

  3. So Orwell got that wrong: big brother isn’t actually your neighborhood friendly big government – it’s actually your neighborhood friendly big business! This is taking greed to a different level. This is no longer about property rights or intellectual property – this is about being *******. Plain and simple.

    Sometimes I sit and wonder weather Marx was right, that there would be a workers revolution and such.

  4. I definitely see a huge problem with this idea and the different infringements it will play on our rights, however I am sadly not too surprised. I just dont see how they could rationalize going to this extreme just because the business model that is laid out is not working at the moment. I really have a hard time seeing this going through under Obama’s administration, but fear a more conservative president wouldnt think twice about it.. ohhh the fun we have to look forward to :/

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