Twitter. Forever.

Your tweets are about to be indexed. Every single one of them. And you don’t have much of a choice about it (other than making your feed private). You may now offer your sacrifices to Google, your almighty interweb overlord.

That’s right folks, soon you’ll be able to look into the tweetstory (get it?) of every user with ease. You see, Google decided that people would want this function because we wouldn’t want our important tweets to disappear into the hard to search obscurity of a twitter feed.

“With Google’s new Twitter search feature, you can view all Tweets within a specific day, month or year, using a graph that appears on top of the results.”

Basically, you can find out what I tweeted on the night of April 9, 2010 if my page wasn’t private. With this new breakthrough in twitter tech, your employers no longer need to repeatedly click that bar on the bottom of the page. All they have to do is head over to Google, type in a search term, set a few parameters, and voila. All your embarrassing moments will be cataloged for easy browsing.

To be fair, the tool can be useful when you want to see what people say over a specific period of time, say, during the launch of Avatar (bloody awful movie BTW). I think that’s a rather cool thing you can do with it. Instead of having to call thousands of people to ask their opinion about something, you can now just Google it. Though this would probably result in a biased sample.

On the other hand, it consolidates information you willingly disperse to the internet for easy access. Before this, it was all there, but you’d have to dig a little. But now, easy peasy.

Also, that tweet you had about how you had the craziest dream about riding off into the sunset with Jude Law on purple ponies? It will be forever preserved in the granite halls of the Library of Congress. That’s right. Your ambiguous fantasies were deemed important enough to be archived in the most respected institution of its kind. Not bad for 140 characters from the fingertips of a guy who had 10 too many.

Link to Google’s indexing program after the jump.



2 thoughts on “Twitter. Forever.

  1. It’s interesting and mostly time saving. If someone wanted to be a creep about looking something up on your Twitter account, they would do it anyway. This just makes their lives easier. It sort of reminded me of when Facebook introduced the newsfeed and there was this uproar about it. It just made the web site more interactive for users and more sticky… which is the point of a Web site. This will be the same way. It will save users time and will make the features more user friendly.

  2. I only visit one twitter page and that is only about once a month so I can figure out what the monthly burger is at Kuma’s Corner. But anyways… I agree with Carla K on the creep subject. Creeps will always find a way to find you and/or find out more about you, but I don’t think we should put the blame on the creeps entirely. I mean, it is the Tweeter (Gosh, i feel like Tweety the bird from those cartoons…) that is making that information readilly available to the entire world. I don’t really see why people need to tell everyone when they’re going out to buy a loaf of bread or when they make their daily bowel movements. But hey, to each their own. Just be smart when you use the technology. Use your privacy settings and everything will be okie dokie. 🙂

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