Internet Spam and Pop-Ups

As many of us can remember, the internet used to be full of pop-ups and spam when the internet what still transitioning into a mass medium of communication and information. Now with pop-up blockers and spam filters, this problem has been somewhat stopped, but not eradicated in any aspect. I decided to do a little research as to the steps being taken to prevent spam and pop-ups and found this article.

As those who use/d Myspace can probably recall, the site has had many issues with spam. There were often problems with hackers getting in to people’s profiles, and sending posts to a user’s friends that would often contain advertisements. More recently, Sam “Spamford” Wallace was fined 711 million dollars for breaking into Facebook user’s profiles and spreading spam to their online friends. Sam Wallace is now bankrupt and facing other charges.

I found this article to be interesting because it shows the how one aspect of the internet is being dealt with specifically. It is important to realize that these spammers send out millions upon millions of spam emails, etc. every day and the government is doing something to control it. In the example of Sam Wallace, does the punishment fit the crime?


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