According to msnbc, a new Web site called Get Unvarnished lets you rank your co-workers and bosses, review them, knock them, rant about them all under a casual veil of anonymity.  To make an analogy… Facebook is to LinkedIn as RateMyProfessor is to Unvarnished.

The Web site is currently advertising itself as a way to build your own professional reputation, so potential employers and new co-workers can look people up and be pleased with what they see.  But the same worries and ethical issues that come up with RatemyProf happen here.  What if you have a riff with a co-worker and they post lies in anger about you on this Web site, and a potential employer sees this?  We all have that one co-worker we do not get along with, that one person that we fight with and disagree with.  Now that person potentially has the power to stop us from getting a job in the future.

Unvarnished Beta Web site

2 thoughts on “Unvarnished.

  1. I heard about this a couple weeks ago and decided to check it out.

    There’s a decidedly much more professional tone to the whole website than RateMyProf. The fact that you can have some control over your “profile” is something that I’m not sure RateMyProf has.

    Both are results of the recent need for transparency in all aspects of our life, from the food we eat to the people we work with. What makes this much more different than Yelp? I feel like with RateMyProfs, reviews will be taken with a grain of salt. And as long as there is a some way to police false claims and slander, I don’t see too much of a problem with it…

  2. After looking through the website, I wonder how this will effect the workplace in general. If this site continues to grow, it could become a rather effective policing agent in our work environments. People may begin to fear that any misstep (and I mean rude, offensive, obnoxious, overbearing, etc missteps) in the office could mainstream onto the internet. While this may not be a comforting idea, it may keep people in line at work, and a bit more cautious of how they relate to coworkers, bosses, etc. Ideally, this could rid the jerks of our offices…I certainly would not be opposed to that.

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