Legal/Ethical Question

If any people are privy to laws or can use the internets better than me… I have a question about internet legalities.

If a person, say a woman, files a restraining order against an abusive and obsessive ex-boyfriend, does this legal order apply to the internet (IE: social networking Web sites)?   I could not find an answer myself, but this would be interesting to know.  It seems a lot of stalking is not really done in person anymore, or even over the phone.  Most stalking is online, I’d assume primarily by Facebook.  Is it possible to get an Internet Restraining Order?

Just wondering.


One thought on “Legal/Ethical Question

  1. I’m not for certain on this, but the guy that lives across the hall from me works on cases all the time dealing with online stalkers–especially those concerning MySpace. I reckon, if he can successfully get guys put behind bars for associating with underage girls, restraining orders should be a walk in the park since these occurrances are pretty much commonplace these days.

    But since you asked, I looked it up and found this site…

    It states on the left-hand side of the page under the heading “STALKING –
    Are You Being Stalked?” that you can file a restraining order against your stalker. Hope that helps.

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