The right to privacy

We’ve all heard the news story of the Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau who was killed by the orca in front of hundreds of audience members. But do we really need to see the videotape of her Feb. 24 death?

Ada Larson, the mother of a victim of the 1990 Gainesville Ripper is speaking out as she’s gone through the same experience. She and the other families involved in the serial killer’s spree of death fought for a court order to seal the crime scene photos and autopsy. The presiding judge Stan R. Morris however, ruled to allow the public and media to view the 700 photographs under the condition no copies were made.

Morris said this to CNN, “You have two competing interests, and they are both valid. You have the public’s right to inspect how their money is being used but there is a way that you can accomplish that and respect the rights of the families to privacy.”

The Circuit Court judge in the Brancheau case issued a temporary injunction in March against the release of the video and ordered mediation to all parties.

Here’s my question for you: Do you think releasing this shocking video serves a purpose beyond titillating and feeding the public’s curiosity? If the family has expressly said they don’t want it released because they don’t want to see it, is it right to allow other parties to watch in the name of satisfying the public?


4 thoughts on “The right to privacy

  1. I don’t see any reason for the video being shown. The public is already fully aware that KILLER whales have caused deaths in the past, so what new information could derive from this video? The fact that her mother is also unwilling to expose the video should be taken into consideration. I don’t see a purpose for the video and also don’t believe other parties should be allowed to watch it for their satisfaction.

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