“Nobody should play a game, where the only way to win is to rape…”

I saw this report on CNN last week, it deals with Hentai games in which the object is to  rape a girl.  The quote in the title comes from the reporter. Earlier in the clip, somebody makes the claim that if we have no problem with shoot-em-up games we should not have problems with this type of game. Is this a valid analogy? Can one argue against rape games but think that violent shoot-em-up games are fine?

Is the difference perhaps that in shooting games you shoot monsters, soldiers etc. but that these games depicts raping truly innocent victims? Would we have problems with a shooting game in which the object is to walk around a University Campus and shoot as many students and faculty (double points if you shoot an ethics professor) as possible?


2 thoughts on ““Nobody should play a game, where the only way to win is to rape…”

  1. In the latest installment of Call of Duty, there is a skippable level where you play as a CIA agent in a deep cover operation among Russian terrorists. You go into a Russian airport and you shoot the civilians. You could choose not to, but I, being the sick, sadistic sociopath I am, killed them all. This drew a lot of controversy, mostly a moral panic from the media. (If it’s relevant, the point the creators were trying to get across was the grayness and moral ambiguity of spywork.) So, I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes there’s a moral to it. Not sure where I was going with this. Moving on.

    I don’t really care for this game, but I also don’t know what to make of it. I realize that this could potentially be dangerous, desensitizing the idea of rape in a culture. I also realize this is probably going to a niche market; the creeps that sit in front of their computers all day.

    What’s also interesting is that CNN is 4 years late in covering the story. Seven thumbs up for American journalism. What’s that? Humans only have two thumbs? I have a feeling CNN’s gonna break this story… sometime in the next fifty years.

  2. I kinda feel like we’re fighting fire with fire on this topic. I mean, both acts are morally wrong, but playing the “which one is worse” game is, in my opinion, quite pointless. It is pretty sick to know that there are people out there that find some kind of satisfaction from such games, but we cannot control everybody’s actions and interests. It goes without saying that these types of games can certainly become breeding grounds for future rapists, sex offenders and the like, but we cannot just point the finger at these video games and put the blame entirely on the games themselves. There is a root to all evils and I feel like this is just a way that creepy people can release their dirty behaviors onto fake victims in the privacy of their own homes. It is reassuring to see that there are organizations taking measures to fight the issue of such rape games, but on the other hand… if these games are keeping rapists in their homes poking and prodding animated characters, better off for me and the rest of the girls out there who can fall victim to these unwanted acts of violence on a daily basis.

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