Facebook Ads Are Invading!

Like most college students today I am a slave to website known as Facebook. I have a profile that lists everything there is to know about me, I have photos proving I do exist, and it is safe to say that I check it on a regular basis every day.

On one of these days that I was perusing the site and creeping on my friends I realized “Hey is that an advertisement for a cat adoption agency?” Thinking it was oddly coincidental and also awesome I began to think how does FB know that I would want to see and or be interested in this ad?

Literally everything you put on FB is stored in the data base and FB owns everything you post. So with that being said advertisers utilize this service to their benefit. The ads are targeted specifically to you according to the information posted.

Another ad that I encountered that was interesting and overly specific was an ad for single Catholic girls looking for a partner. It was a Catholic dating website targeted towards teens. I may have put on my FB I was Catholic and single but do I want to date? Do I need help? After being mildly offended I laughed it off and realized that Advertisers did this due to my data.

Is this fair of FB? Should there be a disclaimer on the site telling its users about how its advertising is targeted? Do users besides me feel that FB is invading them with these advertisements and feel they are just a little too specific?

I know this isn’t a pressing issue but it seems relevant in my life currently.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Are Invading!

  1. Ya know, this type of databasing irked me for awhile now, but I think I’m starting to come to terms with it… We can’t really avoid it.

    Grocery store membership cards are used for the same reason; they track your purchases in order to direct coupons/promotions directly to you on your receipt. Specific to the point of offering you a coupon for milk on Tuesdays if you typically buy milk on Tuesdays. Amazon suggests items they think you’d be interested in. YouTube and Netflix use your viewing tastes to suggest things that could be in the same ballpark as your taste. It’s done pretty much everywhere.

    It’s not so much the targeting that bugs me since I typically pay attention to amazon’s suggestions if i’m researching an item or youtube since I keep clicking through videos of cute animals at times… I think it’s the personal info involved. Also, would we mind so much if the ads they placed were effective? Yes, a Catholic teen dating site is lame for about 96% of the Catholic population (I’m assuming), but if that was right up your alley it could be the greatest thing that ever happened to you! I dunno… I go back and forth, but I think i’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re being databased all-day everyday: just be smart about what information you give out. the onyl real way to avoid it I feel is to live pretty much off the grid.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure that FB, Netflix, and Dominick’s and all those other businesses probably have something in their terms and conditions that state something along the lines of “whatever you tell us, whatever you put into our database will become our info too” when you opt into their services…

  2. I agree with Andrew. It would be like your significant other reading your diary and your submissions talk about how much you love cookies. Then he/she keeps trying to buy you cookies to make you feel good. It gets kind of creepy sometimes and you definitely feel invaded, but as Andrew said, I think it is probably mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. I guess all you can say is “I’m sick of cookies and cat adoption ads despite my love of cookies and cats.”

  3. I also agree with Andrew. This really used to bother me, but I have come to terms with it. More than Facebook, I think the Gmail spidering has bothered me more, because I use my Gmail as my professional e-mail client, where all of my work information is stored. Facebook is a typically fun, light hearted web site for me, so I am less worried when I see Facebook ads for Pixies concert tickets in my area because I am in 6 Pixies groups. I think this technology is a necessary evil to keep these huge web sites available for free. However mad I would be about ads in no way tops how mad I would be if facebook started charging for service or if I suddenly needed to pay $.06 for every email on Gmail I received.

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