Everything’s Amazing Right Now, But Nobody Is Happy

I’m sooooooo glad I came across this. It’s a clip from the Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

Louis C.K. is, in my opinion, the best stand-up out there today. He’s a comedian so you need to take everything with a grain of salt but I think he captures a difference in attitude generations have towards technology.

The technology bit ends at about 2:30, but the rest of it is worth watching.

I want to say this is PG-13, due to cynicism alone.

Hit the jump for the video.


3 thoughts on “Everything’s Amazing Right Now, But Nobody Is Happy

  1. This hits our generation exactly. We definitely have less patience than previous generations and, for example, we get mad at our parents if they can’t figure something out quick enough. I know I am way more impatient than I was even when I was little. Waiting for dial-up was a pain but if I had to wait now, it wouldn’t even be worth it! Sometimes I feel our world is way too fast paced and technology contributes to that. With more technology, how much faster will we get? Will we even have time to say hi to friends and family on the phone or take time to appreciate things not associated with technology now that everything seems to revolve around it. This clip definitely gives a non- chalant spin on how much technology has changed us even within our own lifetimes.

  2. It’s amazing how impatient we become with each and every technological advancement. Pretty soon here, we’re going to be measuring time in nanoseconds and we’ll huff and puff when we can’t get to work in three seconds. I think part of the reason why we grow impatient sometimes is because we have this idea in our head of how things are supposed to work and when something goes against that idea, we just go bonkers. Imagine our generation going through a massive power outage. We’d be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. We have become so dependant on technology that our very way of life would be severely disrupted and the sad thing about that is… even if the outage was for a few minutes, we’d still freak out.

  3. This was hilarious for sure and completely accurate. Especially in regards to impatience and the perks of technology being wasted on a generation that does not appreciate it.

    This reminds me of a sort of funny version of the Mary Schmich column “Advice, like youth, is probably wasted on the young” (aka Always Wear Sunscreen). Kids will not understand the glory of the technology until it is completely surpassed in 40 years and we will be looking at our kids in the same way our parents see our generation.

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