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Last night, Jimmy Fallon introduced the Foursquare application on his late night show. The application is a relatively new phenomena in the app world that allows you to see where others are geographically located. After mocking the app for its’ invasiveness, I decided to do a little research on it. I found an interesting article that compared Foursquare to what Twitter was three years ago.

Apparently, the idea of divulging every aspect of our daily lives to an internet site is what more and more internet users are yearning for. actually allows you to get a constant update around the world of where foursquare users are. The app at its best syncs with Twitter and allows you to see ‘Tweets near by’ where people have put their geographic location, whether or not you are following them. For example, I am currently foursquaring my location, and just found out that “LostSon” is down the road, “at the hospital with wife might b havin a baby tonight”.

So even though people are doing this out of their own free will, does this not bring up some safety issues? Any user of the application can easily view your profile and your most frequently visited places. So anyone smart enough could potentially stalk you and the places you go, or furthermore look for times that you may be gone from your home and use the time to their advantage. The application is highly transparent and could be a potential risk for a number of users.


One thought on “Foursquare

  1. so after I read this I looked up the app on my phone and read the description.. the first thing that came to mind is who really cares where i am? however I can definitely understand the security risks for someone who has people who are trying to stalk someone, but I would hope that a person being stalked would be smart enough to not engage in an app like this. I honestly think the majority of social networking programs like this are made to give every day people the mindset that what they are doing is something that other people want to know about, which in most cases is not true… the more these type of things come out the more i wonder how long it will be before we all have a tracking device installed on the back of our neck.. ha

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