Ok, we all know that spammers and phishing sites have allowed for complete hackage of some of your friend’s Facebook pages. We often get messages and see wall posts along the lines of: “OMG, look at this naked picture of you. Pretty wild” or “Get a million dollars worth of free stuff by going HERE.” It is very obvious when an account has been hacked.

Usually in these instances, a Facebook user has gone to a website that is one letter off from the accurate URL. So, instead of, it is We are getting more familiar with these things, so lucky for us internet users, the scammers are getting better and better at fooling us into their marketing traps! Yippee!

A blogger has noted these new tactics into pulling people to outside marketing sites, advertising different things by spamming Facebook users. The question is: is this ethical behavior? Should something be done about this or is it just a mere inconvenience? Should people be able to outsmart spammers, or are we just really really stupid?


One thought on “’restupid

  1. They never stop coming up with new ploys, do they?

    I’m just glad pop-up ads are gone. Those were a nightmare.

    I think people get smart to spam pretty fast, which is why they keep finding different ways to do it. It doesn’t really bother me, since I don’t fall for it. They’re more like a pestering fly than anything… Let them get theirs; people make money more terrible ways than spammers do.

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