Alien Sideboob

Since we’re going to talk about internet justice, I thought I’d bring up an interesting occurrence.

Consider the case of the “alien sideboob.” Mass Effect was marketed to gamers as having a nude scene. Now, anyone who knows gamers should know the effect of such a claim; this is likely the only time hardcore games would every be able to see any boob. Thus, it was no more than a ingenious marketing ploy for what amounted to about 5 seconds of a side profile of a breast. There are Picasso’s that are more nude.

When the wankers at Fox “News” got a hold of this, they decided to run a story on how Mass Effect “leaves nothing to the imagination” and “pandora’s box is open” and how the game allows players to customize sex scenes. They had a joke of a psychologist Cooper Lawrence on the show to discuss how this will ruin children’s minds. (It was ironic hearing anyone on Fox saying “I gotta go with the research.” Really weird.) The host also at one point made a comment about how it’s unfortunate that parents have to censor what their kids are exposed to. So, I guess it’s unfortunate to her that parents have to parent their kids. Basically, they disregarded that video games are appropriately rated by the ESRB (one of the panel says that they should have their heads examined for not giving the game an adult only rating) and completely misrepresented the game.

After the show, Cooper Lawrence, who plugged her book The Cult of Perfection on the show, received unanimous negative ratings on the books Amazon page, apparently from indignant gamers. The reviews often consisted of a short explanation of why the book was awful, followed by a declaration that the commenter hadn’t actually read the book. (There were actually thousands of comments on the book, but Amazon removed them.)


5 thoughts on “Alien Sideboob

  1. I am not sure if your ethical question is about Fox News’ propaganda/agenda when it came to this video game or the idea of there being pixels shaped like a boob in a video game, but I will give my two cents about the latter.

    As a non-gamer, I would have assumed that there was already a lot of nudity in the video games. In fact, I probably would have assumed that almost all of the “M” rated games had some kind of nudity. Personally, I have no problem with these video games being sold, marketed and played even with a large amount of nudity, just so long as the rating on the box clearly indicates what the game contains.

    It’s similar to an R-rated movie or something. When I was a kid, my mom did not care if I watched R-rated movies but my best friend’s mom was very strict about her NOT watching them… 10 years later, we are both fully functioning adults who are about to graduate from college.

    As long as parents can make an informed choice about the video game and whether or not they want their 10 year old playing it, I see no problem with having nudity or violence in games.

  2. In a liberal sense, I do agree that as long as gaming companies are putting ratings on their boxes, there should be no problem. Parents are informed and can make their own parenting decisions. Maybe I’m pushing it, and if you already couldn’t tell I’m not your biggest gamer, but could someone just explain to me what is the need for the nudity in games? It just advances a prototype for the perfect woman who in reality doesn’t exist.

  3. Honestly, I think Fox News was trying to find something to whine about. I mean, remember back in the good ol’ Tomb Raider days of Playstation One? People were finding ways to enter cheat codes to see Laura Croft nude. I mean, perverts will seek this stuff out on their own, I don’t think gaming companies should be accountable for such pervvy behavior… but now that I just got onto the subject… these “cheat codes” can’t just come out of nowhere, so then I can only conclude that it’s an inside job. What I mean by this is that there’s got to be a few pervs that were in on the game making process that allowed these cheat codes to be accessible.

    I have to agree with the other gals on this one, though. It’s not rocket science people! Read your labels and buy accordingly. Jeez!

    On another note though… do you guys find it ironic that Walmart sells edited only CDs but at the same time, they sell rated R films and Mature rated games? o.O Just a random thought.

  4. I was just giving an example of internet justice that I had forgotten about. The parts about Fox News is simply because of how depressed I am at the state of American broadcast (and ofttimes print) journalism. I mean, it was pretty awful by international standards to begin with, and they’re only getting worse.

  5. d3zuhr4y: Switching to nude mode in a video game is not perverted nor are the people doing it perverts. Watching that video of your grandmother fellating a zebra would be considered perverted. Get your adjectives straight.

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