Chatroulette Extends Its Domain

Is Chatroulette, the latest and greatest watering hole in cyberspace, now filling the shoes of Atlantic, Capitol, and Sony Music?

Pitchfork Media reports that Holy F@$k (not the band’s actual name, but use your imagination) bypassed the corporate suits to communicate with fans via, uh, a totally randomized medium.

Dorothy … you’re a long way from masturbating 40-year-olds:

The band announced the album’s imminent release yesterday via the deeply sketchy internet chat service Chatroulette. Supposedly first single “Latin America” is streaming on Chatroulette today, if you can find it. When I tried just now, the service randomly paired me up with some dude jerking off. I seriously almost barfed. So be prepared for that to happen if you really need to hear the song.

Call me Andy Rooney, but I also curmudgeonly thought Twitter would be a flash in the pan. But now, aside from knowing what Jay-Z eats for breakfast, journalists “twit” breaking news in 150-word segments. Could Chatroulette be destined for a greater role on the interwebs?

It may not supplant Columbia Records, but Chatroulette sure feels like it’s here to stay. The excitement of random encounters, once the domain of speed dating and tacky bars, has found its niche in the ***FUTURE***.


3 thoughts on “Chatroulette Extends Its Domain

  1. I think its interesting that a band would even consider using this site as a way to promote a song. I would think that this website would be too randomized and make it extremely difficult for music to be heard. If a fan really wants to hear a song or know about a new album why would they seek out a risky site to do so? I understand this could be the new twitter but since this site is still new and there is no way of filtering it, people should not use it as a promotional tool. Call me old fashioned but Chatroulette is not looking good as a communication tool of the future unless your in to inappropriate images or drunk people. Are these really fans this band wants to attract?

  2. The function in announcing a new album release on chatroulette doesn’t seem to be communicating the album release itself. It’s a PR trick. A really successful one at that.

    I’m not familiar with Holy **** or their music but now I know that they exist, which at the very least what they seemingly wanted to achieve with this stunt. That’s some good publicity their getting from this, particularly from Pitchfork. Odds are–unless you’re a big fan or if you’re up to a challenge–you’re not going to fight the seemingly 3324:1 chances of finding their new song within the seemingly Endless Sea of Masturbating Men. Most will exercise patience to hear the song/album instead of throwing themselves into the mess chatroulette is.

    This is extremely clever for the band to do, in my opinion, and probably won’t be too successful most of the time. But they’re the first: the pioneers in this sense. Completely reinventing the way think about chatroulette. Just as MySpace, facebook, Twitter, etc. have shifted our mentalities from psuedo-social vehicles to the necessary tools some need to socialize. This is the success model of aiming for free publicity (via reblogging, retweeting, and so on) tweaked for a website that has revealed yet another new corner of the Internet.

    I highly doubt many more bands would do this as per the reasons Lizzy states, but there seems to be little concern for shielding fans from deviant content if your band name is Holy ****. Who knows. Their fans might even like that kind of thing.

  3. Yeah, this is nothing new. Celebs have been known to poke around on Chat Roulette from time to time. I’ve talked to a few. It’s a pretty good marketing gimmick if you ask me. Kinda brings the band closer to their fans for some randomized one on one time. 😉

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