Wiseguy Tickets

I know this is off topic from what the class is discussing this week but when I heard about it I became very intrigued.


First thought I immediately thought these guys were guilty but the more I thought about it, the more I began to question it. The founders of this “Wiseguy Tickets” basically found a way to buy tickets for major events in advance from the general public. They would then sell them to brokers and the tickets would then be sold a 2x and 3x the price. Most tickets site will limit a customer to a certain amount of tickets but the “Wiseguy” found a way to buy 1,000’s of tickets at a time. When I first heard of this scam I was upset because to get tickets to a major event is hard enough and expensive enough.

The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself that maybe they should not be found guilty. These guys found a way to beat the system. They took advantage of what the internet has to offer and made money off it. I kind of see it as an invention and why shouldn’t they make money off their invention. Before the digital age came to fruition people had to go to some sort of box office and stand in line to get their tickets. The internet makes it easier and these “Wiseguys” found a way to make money from it. Besides in a way is a site like TicketMaster that much different than what they did. Tickets site get a certain number of tickets distributed to them and then re-sell them to the public which is what the “Wiseguys” were doing.


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