Spies at Home

To combine Unit  5 and 6, i did a search on online cheating. A bunch of “surveillance” websites came up, claiming to catch cheating spouses online through recording all online activity unknowingly. For example, one device plugs into the back of the computer and  records pretty much every activity one does online from email to websites visited. Here is a description of what the device does:

KeyGhost is NOT software. It is a small device that you plug into the back of your PC which does all the work software based keyloggers do but cannot be found by spyware detection programs. Record and retrieve everything typed, including emails, chatroom activity, instant messages, website addresses, search engine searches and more.

No software installation is necessary to record or retrieve keystrokes!

I was surprised to find the amount of websites offering these types of devices. They also give options to hire a private investigator and even video surveillance. Cheating is of course wrong and I feel that spouses should tell each other everything. However, of course one would keep cheating a secret, but if suspicion arises, does the other party have the right to implant these “spy” devices unknowingly, even if there is no suspicion, but just to monitor? I feel like this almost relates to the NY Times article of the mother and reading her daughter’s e-mail. Just because people have access to these types of “spyware” (as the mother had access to her daughter’s password), should they be allowed to use them? What if parents installed these types of devices to monitor children? In other words, is this a major privacy breach issue even if it’s in your own home, which is ultimately the place you should be guaranteed privacy?


3 thoughts on “Spies at Home

  1. I would have to say that using KeyGhost seems wrong to me for several reasons. First of all, it is happening in an environment where I think an adult (owner of the residence) should be able to safely assume that they are not being monitored when using their own home computer. A home computer should be a tool for a family, not a weapon. If someone is concerned that their spouse is cheating, that does not give them the right to invade their personal space. Yes, it’s true that in a marriage you should be able to trust and share with your spouse. This does not mean, however, that the two necessarily must share everything with each other. I can think of many examples, such as emails, that would cause no harm to a spouse, but that someone may not be at liberty to share (such as an important work email, etc.). It seems unnecessarily invasive.

  2. Ha! I think you nailed it Carla. It’s funny to me that in the blurb from the website, it mentions that spyware detection programs won’t even be able to track the device. How deceptive can you get? Outsmarting a spyware system just to be able to spy more? I have a hard time believing that this isn’t considered intrusion and could be grounds for a lawsuit.

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