Shoppers beware! You’re no longer safe from embarrassment.

I had a friend of mine randomly throw a link to a website my way a few months ago.  I decided to revisit this site today for the purpose of our digital media class discussion on privacy. People of is essentially a humorous website that encourages viewers to go out and snap photos of people while shopping at Walmart. Images can range from overly obese people in tight spandex outfits to photos of cars with shoddy custom jobs. Some things that I have seen on this website are just plain sad, but as we discussed in class several times, as long as these people are in the public sphere, they are all fair game to humiliation on the Internet. Now, this one is not so much of an issue as the Korean Dog Poop Girl because for one, she is for the most part, a “normal” person and we can only assume that she normally does not allow her dog to poop on public transportation and considering the fallout of events, she obviously cares about her reputation (hence the reason why she dropped out of school). For the people on People of Walmart, however, one can assume that those three criteria I used for the Korean girl, are most likely not the case. Ultimately, we can assume that these people have no shame, otherwise… why would they be out in public shopping dressed the way they are? But then again, looking at the context of the photos (being at Walmart and whatnot), it’s not hard to see why these people appear the way they do in these photos. Let’s take this a step further, though. How would you feel if your photo got snapped while you were shopping and you either a) looked quite ridiculous or b) were shot doing something embarassing (i.e picking your nose, scratching your butt, etc.) ? Hmmm…

Here are some things I found online that were pretty hilarious.

This one, I found especially hilarious, but could potentially gross you out.


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