Marital Problems and Google Street View

This article on CNET deals with controversy in London that arose almost a year ago that stemmed from a suspicious wife checking on her husband via Google Street View. The wife had a hunch about whom her husband might be sleeping with, so she looked up her address and found her husband’s car parked in front of the flat. The wife eventually divorced her husband after catching him with the site. As Europe begins to deal with new litigation dealing with privacy issues on Google Street View, can this be seen as an example of invasion of privacy, or simply bad luck? It is also important to consider that Google Street View does not show live footage, so the fact that she caught her husband using the site seems to be good luck more than anything.


2 thoughts on “Marital Problems and Google Street View

  1. I think that while this issue definitely has a lot to do with privacy- I think the ethical issues of Street View have the helpfulness outweighing the harm.

    I do not think that Google Street view is offering anything that is not already available in the public domain. For example, the wife could have driven past the house at times she suspected the husband to be cheating. Google street view/Google Earth is simply amplifying the public domain.

    Personally, I have found the street view to be extremely beneficial when I am traveling. It helps me look for parking locations, milestones while I am driving so I know I am going the right way, and the state of the neighborhood I am going into. It’s a helpful tool and everything picture is “public”, it just saves us a trip to find things out for ourselves.

  2. Assuming this story is accurate (there is a suggestion in the link you provided that this is all a hoax), I’d say that what the cheating husband wants is secrecy, not privacy.

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