Personal Markerting Technique

Im curious as to what others think about how personal some new marketing techniques have gotten. In another class a presentation was given about the new hand held FloTv product. It is basically a portable TV and has no “commercials” so to speak. They do however have ads that are directed at the user instead of general public. According to the student giving the presentation an ad will be displayed that you can not skip.  I could not help to think how do they get the information so that each ad that pops up between shows (much like is one that you would want to watch. It is much like the side ads on Facebook that pop up. The ads that are displayed I often find are things that I might be interested. I have not taken the different quizzes to find out which TV character you are most like so I assume they get information based on who your friends with and what groups you are part of. Im just curious as to whether something like this could be considered a breach of privacy? Business wise I think it is a cool idea to personalize advertising but ethical I am not sure what to feel. Someone or something is looking at my purchasing history, friends, groups, etc. to judge what kind of person I am and use personal information in order to make an extra buck.


One thought on “Personal Markerting Technique

  1. It appears to be legal, since Facebook has pretty much perfected this tech with their Beacon thing. They basically record what websites you last visited, and then when you go back on Facebook it displays ads related to the website you last visited. Clever, but someone felt it was breach of privacy enough to sue. You probably got a notification from Facebook (that you ignored) some time ago about how if you don’t opt out of the current class action lawsuit, you’ll never be able to sue Facebook in the future again. Or something like that.

    Going off of Ess’s definition that you ARE your information, this is clearly unethical. The offline equivalent is basically assigning someone to follow you around and document what you are interested in, then signing you up for the proper junk mail.

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