It may not be a magic wand, but it may be a step in the right direction?

Among hundreds of other applications you can download for your Mozilla Firefox web browser is a program called BlockSite, which enables users to personally block certain websites from appearing on your web browser. I took the time to tinker around with it briefly and it is a pretty straight-forward type of programming. Once downloaded, it can be accessed simply by going to the ‘Add-ons’ selection under the ‘Tools’ tab. Blocking a site is a walk in the park. Its as easy as selecting the ‘Add’ button and typing in the specific URL of the site you wish to block. There is a password protection option that enables only the individual who sets up the blocks to add or remove blocked websites, but in all actuality, one can work around that. So I guess you can say its effectiveness is only good as long as the person you’re blocking the sites from finally figures out what’s really going on–and let’s face it, those who come from the Internet Age will be able to counteract this program as easilly as they can tie their shoes. But for those concerned parents, here’s an option to try to police what sites can be accessed by their children.

If anything, this is a great program to blacklist all those terrible pop-up advertisement sites that scream and shout to you that “You’re a winner!”

How to block sites using Internet Explorer & Firefox

And the Reverse process… the nerdy/technical way


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