Internet predators strike again!

So on my Sunday morning cab-ride to a lunch party, I caught the headline of this news article…

“Man Posing As Priest Allegedly Solicited Teen Girl On Internet”

Oddly enough, it hits close to home! Apparantly, “…41 year old Robert D. Shaw of Alton, IL, [was charged] with three felony counts of Indecent Solicitation of a Child”

It’s interesting to see this case played out since the cases we’ve seen covered in class where barely anything has been done to the offenders. Here, Alton is officially charged with not only three felony counts, but there is a name attached to the offense: “Indecent Soliciation of a Child.”

Evidently, this occurred last Thurday (2/18). Although no child was harmed, it should be noted that there actually wasn’t a child involved in this case whatsoever; it was an undercover cop, but Alton is still being charged and from the article I read is currently jailed at the Madison County jail with bond set at $60,000.

My question to the man: How does posing as a priest make it okay for you to engage in this kind of behavior with a child?


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