Instant Access to Personal Information on 123people

All you need is a full name and city or zip code to learn an abundance of information about a person on The website has a simple layout, because its one purpose is to divulge into public records and social media sites to find out as much information about a person as it allows. The site covers online photos, email addresses, phone numbers, public records, weblinks, social network profiles, blogs, videos, news, documents, and even criminal records. The site even covers what items you have on your Amazon wish list.

Should this information be so easily accessible? All it took as several seconds to be able to access a large amount of information about anybody in the world. Although there are often several matches for any one person in a specific city, the information is still available if the 123people user is willing to sort through it. Sensitive information is there for the public to easily view and their privacy becomes compromised. As I have only personally known a few people that have heard of the site, it doesn’t seem to be a huge issue as of yet, but with sensitive information such as a criminal record so easily available, is it not possible that this could soon become a bigger issue?


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