Facebook wants you to hang around… even after you quit.

There are few in our generation who don’t have a presence on the world-renowned web site of Facebook. It is used for chatting, to stay in touch with friends as they study abroad or to keep up with home as you inhabit a 9×12 the university calls a room. However, you may not be aware that Facebook still retains some of the photos and your empty profile “in case you wish to reactivate your account.”

The web site has been in the news for their ads that draw on people’s personal information or the debacle with the Scrabble game; this attention however, has been sadly lacking. The Huffington Post brought it to light with a post earlier this month, but I am not aware Facebook did anything akin to a solution. This means the average user remains unenlightened to the fact that once they disconnect from the second most popular web site on the web, they’re not fully disengaged.

My question to you is this: does Facebook owe a certain transparency to their users who no longer feel the need for their services? Is it ethical that they continue to serve billions of people worldwide while collecting and continuing to store private information from their former patrons?


One thought on “Facebook wants you to hang around… even after you quit.

  1. I have given this problem much thought, and I reached an easy, yet time consuming solution. Before deleting a Facebook profile, the user should go through their information, pictures, and whatever other personal information they want to get rid of and delete the personal information, or detag pictures. Save these changes so that your profile is basically blank, and then delete your account. I believe this should settle the problem, but I am not 100% positive. The real issue is, however, that should it be necessary to go to these lengths to simply erase your identity off of a social network site completely?

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